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i was looking for some Québec plates on Platesmania just for fun and found some unexpected little gems.. and this one , which i met the owner once ( he goes at the same bank as me ) . I don't remember if its a 1987 or 1988 but he told me he bought it from an old lady with a low milleage and in really good condition...

If i ever meet him again i'll ask him the year, i have pics of the car too but can't post them right now

At least 2 BYDs were doing a test drive at the Automobile Council last April (despite the event being more oriented towrds classic and neo-classic cars):

were they a sponsor of the event ? the Terrebonne auto show i go each year ( well, when not raining , no pandemic and they don't close the place down for renovation ) was sponsored by a local Toyota dealership and they always had a few cars on the site
From my recent Platesmania uploads:

At least 2 BYDs were doing a test drive at the Automobile Council last April (despite the event being more oriented towrds classic and neo-classic cars):

The Tommy Kaira M20 version of the R31 Skyline, which, according to one article only about 5 still remain.
Different wheels and seat covering. And in 2013 Don's car was safely in England still as WBL 348Y. So a cousin living in Germany.
I found another picture of the car from 2013 but it didn't have the V8 badge at that point.

Sometimes they just add the badge. My 900 also had "Turbo" on the back from a previous owner.
MG never made a V8 Roadster, but it's relatively straightforward to drop the Rover 3.5 into one. This one looks RHD and is the same colour as the unique V8 Roadster built by Don Hayter - "the father of the MGB" - when production ended and Abingdon closed. He "he sold himself an unused 'development' bodyshell (for £939.55) and 3.5-litre V8 engine, then built the only factory-made MGB V8 roadster (factory V8s were all GTs), the last MGB to leave Abingdon. Don and his team had been working on an update for the profitable US market using the O-series 2-litre OHC engine (including a very quick O-turbo), larger brakes and other modifications. Twenty or more redundant pilot-build bodyshells were left from this project and it was one of these that Don bought; identifiable because the inner-wing was reshaped for fuel injection. The car also features the first MG-badged rocker covers cast, which had been left unused in the development department.". Was registered WBL 348Y and is well known, including an episode of Clarkson's Car Years, also modelled by Vanguards, who did a very nice rendition.

Don sold it in around 2013 and died in 2020, which lead to this reprinted tribute. DVLA lists it as SORN with last MOT expired Aug 2020, but no export marker. I guess this is not WBL 346Y, but a lookalike/inspired by creation.
German tourist in Bruges today with this MG. Always a romantic idea going on a classic car roadtrip.
:eek: i did not even knew they existed ! nice find !

seen yesterday but sadly no pic to offer to our Saab fans : a first gen ( or do we say pre-facelift ? ) 9000 CD

seen sunday : a bunch of vintage cars , i missed a car show near where i live but i did saw them leaving the place, including a 4-doors Christine..
A couple months ago I saw a Ford Focus ST with Shelby badging driving in Arlington, VA:

I ran the plate (Hawaii TJE927) and it returned a 2014 Ford Focus ST with some pictures from past sales. One of them showed a dash plaque with Shelby American serial 14SF0014, confirming it is a real Shelby Focus:

According to articles from 2013 Shelby planned to build 500 of these, and that is the number that is frequently cited, but it appears actual production numbers were lower. Much lower. Mecum cites a source saying only 4 were built in 2014:

This 2016 thread on a Shelby forum had the build numbers but the attachments don't work for me, leaving only the comments "really low number" and "VERY RARE":

This could be one of the rarest cars I've ever seen.
i think they got flush headlights for 1986 but i don't know if they're the same as their European counterparts
A few hours ago in the next town:
an Audi 5000 [Typ44] made for CDN -the owner let the CDN-sticker on-, but with German plates.

It had European headlights - original for Canada?

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