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night cub
The next few posts were from the same day, Radwood NJ and 24 Hours of Lemons NJ. They combined both into one event, the car show going on while the race was on the track. Both are great events to attend if you have the opportunity.

Radwood NJ - Part 1, my 5 picks:

Several picks are cars that were not sold in the US, including this Fiat Ritmo 130TC: IMG_3634

Toyota Soarer GT Twin-Turbo L: IMG_3693

Nissan Cefiro A31: IMG_3699

Subaru was well-represented again (Subaru US HQ is nearby in Cherry Hill NJ), my pick was this well-preserved early BRAT: IMG_3749

There was also a Loyale hatch, a couple Justys and a Forester done up in woody-style.

And there were several Toyota Starlets there, I don't think I've seen one in years: IMG_3629

Full Album (this one is a good one to go through!):
night cub
And for the third show I went to that day in Franklinville, NJ, out in the boondocks, behind a pizza place, they held several shows there in the summer.

My five picks are:

I like the color of this 1966 El Camino: IMG_3078

A blue Pontiac Phoenix, not your typical X-body sighting: IMG_3116

This blue 1969 Dart GT convertible that was also at the first show that day: IMG_3164

Another Mopar, a 1965 Dodge Polara 500 hardtop: IMG_3158

And it's rival from Dearborn, a 1965 Galaxie 500 hardtop: IMG_3100

Full album:
Unseen in the previews here but also something i did not saw in a long time in the Wildwood album : a Dunkin Donuts :huit:
night cub
My 2nd show of that same day was a monthly show at a brewpub, I caught the tail end of it. My 5 picks:

1961 Studebaker Lark: IMG_3015

1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery: IMG_3018

1969 Ford Torino in a non-factory color: IMG_3022

1975 Firebird Formula 400: IMG_3046

Trio of Chevys: IMG_3043b

Full album:
night cub
Shine in the Pines - Part 2

When the show ended, I positioned myself under a tree where most of the cars were passing by to get to the road. My top 5:

1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk: IMG_2976

1967 Barracuda notchback: IMG_2966

1953 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupe: IMG_2972

1957 Ford Custom: IMG_2988

Meeting of Volkswagens, the Beetle had a V8 stuffed up front however: IMG_2932b

Full Album:
night cub
Shine in the Pines - Part 1

It was hard to only select 5 from this show, there were lots of interesting cars there. Held on the lawn of a historic park/village in the lower Pinelands of NJ. There was a strong contingent of Studebakers from a local club. A group of 1957 Fords. Some old Willys Jeeps. And lots of things that you don't see at most shows. So my picks are:

Representing the Studebakers, this blue 1964 Daytona convertible. There was also a red one there: IMG_2749

1949 Jeep Station Wagon, probably in better-than-new condition: IMG_2803

A wonderfully weird 1977 Mercury Bobcat Villager with period-correct tan plaid interior: IMG_2759

There were two 1940s suicide-door Chrysler products there, this is a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe, the other was a 1940 Chrysler: IMG_2782x

and a 1953 Mercury Monterey coupe in Bittersweet Orange: IMG_2714

Full Shine in the Pines album:
night cub
Spring 2019 - Wildwood Part 2

Full Album:

My Top 5 picks:

1966 Bonneville convertible: IMG_2538b

Yellow Cadillac Allante, there's a NYC Cadillac club that usually shows with 1990s Caddys, this was one of several Allantes there: IMG_2589

Off the Boards, I stumbled into this 1965 Rambler American 440 Coupe: IMG_2593

And a 1959 Chevy Task Force Apache 4x4, a rare combo then: IMG_2610

And near the winner's circle was a white plain-jane 1977 Malibu coupe: IMG_2629
night cub
I haven't posted anything from any car shows recently, so I'm going to pick my Top 5 from each album.

Spring 2019 - Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Show - Part 1:

Full album:

We'll start with the father-son team that owned this Gremlin: IMG_2305

And this Econoline Pickup: IMG_2311

A 1962 Buick Special sedan: IMG_2429

A perfectly preserved Eagle Talon: IMG_2402b

And a MP Lafer roadster, a Brazilian MG replica that is pretty rare to find in the US: IMG_2351

Click on the pic to go to Flickr, I have more pics of each car there.
I'm not good at identifying lengths in pictures, but this truck is more likely made on a ¾-ton wheelbase (125¼" / 3.18 m) or a heavy-duty one (134½" / 3.41 m), not on the wheelbase of a Light Delivery (115" / 2.92 m): clearly not an "AK", for me. But a lot of people (even owners, apparently) use mistakenly that name...

Except for the cab and the (GMC) grille, there's in fact nothing left from the original truck. But even if the engine is not the original one, the 160 mph speedometer is maybe a bit optimistic? :grin:
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