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@Screw13: :beer: many thanks for your effort!

That are very interesting and important informations.
In the last years we heard about a few K 70 in Russia, but it may be true, that this is the only running car now.
Ca.15 years ago I visited a guy in St.Petersburg, who owned a 1972-car, but it was not in running condition. And I never heard anything again from it.

It's correct, that the headlights have the identical size as those from the quad headlight version of Moscvich and Lada (and from the RR Silver Shadow, too).

He's also correct with the specific 1971 wings and that the 100 hp engine is the rarest.

The only thing, I'm wondering is, from whom in Holland and Germany he got the parts. I must ask my friends, because I cannot remember a Russian contact.
Yes, I'm part of the K 70-Club. To be precise: I'm the chairman and responsible for the international contacts - since 28 years.

Here's a translation (some of the more important or interesting things that he said):

The only Volkswagen K70 in Russia. (video title)

(the person in that video is the current owner and this is what he said):

The car is a 1971 model, he bought the car in the city of Chelyabinsk from a wonderful pensioner named Yevgeny (who happened to have the same name as the current owner in that video). The pensioner owned that K70 for a lot of years. He sold that car a few times, but in the end he bought the car back from the people he sold it to. He loved, praised and cherished that car and he took care of it as much as possible. At 1:36 mark in the video, this is how K70 that he bought from a pensioner looked like. According to the current owner, the headlights were lifted from either a Moskvitch or VAZ 2104/2105 (I personally doubt it was either of those 2, unless he wanted to say the grille, which does look like it came from a VAZ 2104/2105). Front struts were lifted from VAZ 2101 (a.k.a "Kopeyka"), rear struts were lifted from some other soviet/russian car. Carburetor, filters were fitted from whatever was available locally. The seats were fitted from some kind of Opel. Basically, all that non-authenticity motivated the current owner to revive the car from the start.

For 5 years, the current owner was looking for parts from all over the world, including France, Great Britain, USA (even though the K70 was never sold in the States according to the owner). The biggest amount of parts which he sourced from, was Holland. Some parts were gifted to him from a German Owner's Club (Ingo, I guess you're part of this club?).

On this year's January, the car was sent to the workshop for body repairs. Having the experience of restoring a VW Scirocco (2:50 mark in the video), he explains that one must have a firm financial base to work on such cars.

The current owner sourced and bought all K70's which were found in Russia in any shape or form, though he mentions that one particular K70 has slipped through his radar and ended up in Belarus.

So, now that he had an entire arsenal of K70 spare parts, he started to work on the car, starting with body sanding. When they began restoring the body, they've noticed some major problems. It was worse than anticipated. One of those few owners who owned that K70 at some point did some shoddy repairs to the body in the 1990s, (but that's how it was done given the circumstances back then). For example, the original sills were replaced by the structural channel (or simply 'C-channel'), and the floorpan was replaced by the basic sheet of metal.

The current owner didn't know how the wheel arches and sills were supposed to look like, because they were no longer in original condition. In the end, they finished sanding the car. His task was to fully restore the car in 6 months to participate in some sort of gathering (he mentioned 'Wartburg', is that some sort of Wartburg gathering?). Unfortunately, he couldn't complete the car in time and they finished on July. He restored the front wheel arches and sills by looking at the photographs. The floorpan is now made from a russian donor car. The spare wheel well was taken from an old Toyota Camry. Inner fender mudguards were made partially from a russian car and partially original from a K70. 70% of the body was welded from the start. The front longerons were reworked completely from 0%.

Originally the car was blue. After the car ended up in Russia, it was resprayed to yellow. The last owner resprayed it in the color that's similar to wet asphalt (I guess the correct term for this type of color is 'Marengo', see 1:36 mark in the video again). The former owner wanted his K70 in that color, because a lot of luxury Soviet cars from that era were in that color and it was considered prestigious.

The current owner decided that his restored K70 should be in Gold Metallic, because this color is similar to some original K70's which had this color. On early July, the car was resprayed to Gold Metallic and it was then sent to be reassembled.

The electrical wiring was done by himself. Apparently he only had found the manual for a K70 which was released in 1983 (see 7:44 mark in the video).

The interior was done originally in bordeaux color (or 'burgundy', I guess).

When he wanted to replace front and rear bumpers, he ordered the bumpers from Holland, but he received 2 front bumpers istead of 1 front and 1 rear bumber, so he sent his old rear bumber to the city of Volgograd to be refurbished (to do chrome plating, I think).

He mentioned that when there were only 4 hours left until the start of the car gathering, he tried to put the tail lights in place, but then he noticed that the old tail lights don't fit anymore, so he ordered a set of tail lights from Germany, but then he found out that the alternator doesn't work either.

He mentioned that '71 models were unique because their fenders differed from the later models (it looked more high-end, so to speak). Apparently, there were only 300 examples with such fenders.

When he was restoring the car, he chose to put the rarest engine from its line, which was released in 1974. It is such a rare engine that there was no manual with it (according to him). He mentioned 3 types of engines which were used for K70 and that the engine in his K70 produces 100hp.

Another thing that he mentioned is that he wants to have a second side-view mirror, even though originally '71 models didn't have it. Apparently, when he sourced the parts from all over the world, he purchased one from Britain, but it was meant to be on the opposite side (of course) :grin:
@Nightrider or others, who understand Russian:
does the guy says anything about the history of the car?

It's a 1971 model and the grey-anthracite colour, it had before, is not original.
The owner of the junkyard posted some pictures on Facebook that popped up in a number of groups. Someone asked what price he had in mind for the tractors. "2 SEK/kg" was his answer :tongue:
@atom: thanks for the tipp! :beer:

As it's a 1972 MY, there are not too many unique "made for S" parts to save and the condition seems to be rough, but would there be any chance for you to notice the VIN-number? :smile:
There could be some saveable parts, but none, which would justify a trip from here to Sweden.

Can anyone identify the make of the extra mirror on the fender. It looks like something unspectacular, so maybe not worth a long ride.
It's no "Talbot" from West-Berlin, which would bring maybe 200€ or more at eBay.

Have you alarmed freaks for the other cars?
This junkyard will be cleared in a near future. Maybe time to save the K70?,12.7208618,3a,75y,25.43h,78.69t/data=!3m6- !1e1!3m4!1sLJ_jWlY54EcODswthERYMw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
Great, thanks :smile:

The actual owner is not known by us, it was offered for sale in June 2013.
K70 spotting today :smile:
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