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Short dream but in it they had a Pontiac version called Catalina.. :ohwell:

honestly, i'm a little bit surprised that they never actually had a Pontiac one ( Catalina or any other name )
Last night i dreamed i was playing a Gran Turismo-like game . The 1st race was taking part on a farm or something like that. You could grab random stuff and throw it to the other cars to slow them down or damage them... but they could do same to yours..

Just for fun, any real game that could be similar to that ( except Mario Kart )?
I had a dream once about the character Ben Matlock from the TV series Matlock (played by Andy Griffith) was driving through an intersection.

Now if you've seen that show you know he always had a silver Ford Crown Victoria with grey leather. Both the 80s and early 90s versions. The newest he had was a 1993 or 94. Well in this dream he was driving a 1998-2011 model, but still in silver with grey leather. He kept grinning and waving and driving around the block over and over and then I woke up.
A few nights ago i had a weird dream . I was at a roller coaster with my girlfriend ( funny, in about every car related dream i have a girlfriend while i'm single in real life :lol: ) . The particularity of that roller coaster is that you were driving on it with your own vehicle . I had an old Hyundai Excel ( ok, every Excel is old now.. that one was about 1988-1989 ) .

So, we were on the ride with the Excel and near the end the tracks were separated , me and my girlfriend went lower like the Excel's body was just a shell with an escape pod like in the movies while the Hyundai itself went somewhere else and ended up in a pack of old other cars.

I knew i had to part ways with the Excel at some point but i was mad at my girlfriend for insisting to go in that ride ( in the dream she hated the car while i loved it ) . Once we were out of the roller coaster there was also other guys mad at their girlfriends for making them scrap their beloved cars in that ride too :lol:
Last night, I dreamt that there was a metallic blue car with wide beltline crease similar to ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets except it was a two seater sedan body style. I look at the front end and it has covered headlights that matches the metallic blue body colour. There was no bright trim anywhere of the car. Finally I see the white decal at the front, it says 'Steiner' at the left side lip of the boot. Under the left covered headlight, I also see the white decal saying 'Baguette'. So, I was seeing Steiner Baguette car :grin: That was it.

Probably I was thinking about the new make at yesterday.
Last night in my dreams i was driving a rallye race car ( i think it was a Subaru ) then i turned somewhere thinking it was part of the race and all i was doing was running in circles while the race continued on the good track.

I did very decent lap times but didn't gained any position... :whistle:
I remember a couple of months ago, I had a dream where I was in my university's parking lot, and got into my car (a grey 2005 Acura RSX). I then looked into my mirror, and backed into a tan 2007 Suzuki XL7. As I was backing into it, the front end was crumpling and the windshield shattered. Inside was a teenage girl who was knocked unconscious from the hit. The police and paramedics came and started catering to the girl and the SUV. A female police officer came to my door and asked me if I needed to go to the hospital for a check-up, in which a declined. After she left, I got out and assessed the damage to my car. All there was was a slighted scratched bumper and a cracked taillight lens. I got back in and drove away.
last night i dreamed that i was the owner of a Mazda Miata Coupe but mine was longer at the back and had small suicide doors like the Saturn ION coupe . I was participating in some weird contest where i had to drive all across the city to find some answers to a questionnaire. I was with my girlfriend ( or wife, not sure ) and our daughter ( around 5 years old, which is even more strange as i'm a single without kids ) and we ended up at a Ford dealership which had aisles of food in it ( either you can make your grocery at Ford now or it was part of the contest ) . Woke up there, i don't know if even funier things were to be found or if it was the final stop of the contest
Last night i had a dream. I was the owner of a silver 1975 Chrysler Cordoba . Must be a winter dream because all it did was sitting under the light of my garage ( which i don't have either )
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