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Last night in my dreams i was driving a rallye race car ( i think it was a Subaru ) then i turned somewhere thinking it was part of the race and all i was doing was running in circles while the race continued on the good track.

I did very decent lap times but didn't gained any position... :whistle:
I remember a couple of months ago, I had a dream where I was in my university's parking lot, and got into my car (a grey 2005 Acura RSX). I then looked into my mirror, and backed into a tan 2007 Suzuki XL7. As I was backing into it, the front end was crumpling and the windshield shattered. Inside was a teenage girl who was knocked unconscious from the hit. The police and paramedics came and started catering to the girl and the SUV. A female police officer came to my door and asked me if I needed to go to the hospital for a check-up, in which a declined. After she left, I got out and assessed the damage to my car. All there was was a slighted scratched bumper and a cracked taillight lens. I got back in and drove away.
last night i dreamed that i was the owner of a Mazda Miata Coupe but mine was longer at the back and had small suicide doors like the Saturn ION coupe . I was participating in some weird contest where i had to drive all across the city to find some answers to a questionnaire. I was with my girlfriend ( or wife, not sure ) and our daughter ( around 5 years old, which is even more strange as i'm a single without kids ) and we ended up at a Ford dealership which had aisles of food in it ( either you can make your grocery at Ford now or it was part of the contest ) . Woke up there, i don't know if even funier things were to be found or if it was the final stop of the contest
Last night i had a dream. I was the owner of a silver 1975 Chrysler Cordoba . Must be a winter dream because all it did was sitting under the light of my garage ( which i don't have either )
Did the '68 Chevy win? :grin:
Last night, I dreamt that my mother took me to Turkey for my treatment (for reason is unknown). While I was waiting for the treatment, I was looking at the TV show in Turkey on the tablet showing Demolition Derby featuring a black Lamborghini Countach. Among it competitors a clean unmolested 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe with vinyl rooftop, next up some beat-up 1973 Pontiac Grand Am with Endura nose, and finally more beat-up of 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix. That was it.
Last night, I dreamt that I was watching a clip of modern version Return of the Mad Max. It was showing Brazilian assembled second generation Ford F-350 (Super Duty) for Australia market tow truck with long wheelbase with black finish. It was right hand drive with manual transmission on the left side of the steering column. The tow truck is rolling away on a raised highway that it was looking up. That was it.
In my last dream i played something that appeared like it was GTA 6.

I was driving my car around the virtual world and looked on the mini map. There were green and blue dots and the game told me that the green dots were hookers and i could pick them up if i want. So i drove to one of the green dots, picked up the hooker and the game told me to drive her to a specific location.

After that i forgot a bit of my dream. The next thing i remember is that i received a second hooker side mission. This time i didnt have to transport a girl but i had to protect a hooker from a group of four assailants. The attackers had red dots on the mini map.

I died during the fight and in a typical GTA manner the camera started to pan out over my virtual dead body. The camera got higher and higher over the map and the map was huge! Definitely bigger as GTA 5. You couldnt see the virtual end of the map despite that the camera was already so high above that the roads were very small.

Maybe thats what i imagine GTA 6 to be. But too bad the dream didnt tell me the name of the city.
I think last night I dreamed about finding a plate check site for Dubai, but couldn't find a car with a Dubai plate anywhere on the site. :grin:
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