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About transliterated titles, IMDb sometimes use dashes between syllables for Korean (but sometimes they do not), Wikipedia do not (they tend to be more consistent with this kind of things).
It seems a little strange to me to put all these dashes, so I'd rather use the way Wikipedia lists them, also to be more consistent.

It seems a little redundant to always put both titles, and it also makes the titles table heavier for not much added value.
On the the other hand, search for the title with dashes will often give no result if we do not include it that way. I could maybe add to the search an extra step of removing dashes in case there are, to add chances to find the title in that case.

e.g. for the movie whose original title is "Chinatown" written as 차이나타운, should the transliteration be "Cha-i-na-ta-un" or "Chainataun"?

What do you all think about that?
Thanks for the help :smile: I figured I would ask first then change it incorrectly.
This thread is fine for these discussions I guess :smile:
Good question for that movie, as it has multiple Japanese titles.
It seems that it would be "イノセンス" translitterated to "Inosensu", supposed to be the Japanese writing of the English "Innocence". But the international title is rather "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" than just "Innoncence" then.
antp I am totally confused on how this show should be listed. I cannot seem to understand the original title vs transliterated vs alternatives.

I wasn't sure if we had a thread already setup for these. I apologize if we need to move this post. I did replace all of mok's better quality images and updated star ratings.

It seems the show was originally a Japanese show so I am not sure which title should be listed in original, transliterated, and worldwige.
Indeed. It is even written beside the "Transliterated title" when adding a movie: (latin version of the original title, in case it uses a different alphabet)

I also often check/fix titles in the new contributions list, usually I add missing transliterated titles or switch titles when they are they are not each in the right field.
night cub
As an admin and validator, 0 made the most sense to me. I don't mind the original title from another language being displayed, but like to have the International title too.

I have found some titles with mixed up Transliterated Titles. Some people are putting titles that are already in Roman letters and using the English title as the Transliterated Title, and I don't think that is correct. The Transliterated Title is for non-Roman languages to me.

New feature: now everyone can have titles displayed as they want :grin:
In the profile you can chose from this list:

0 => 'Original Title (International Title)',
1 => 'Transliterated Title (International Title)',
2 => 'International Title (Original Title)',
3 => 'International Title (Transliterated Title)',
4 => 'Original Title',
5 => 'Transliterated Title',
6 => 'International Title'

The 0 is the default since the update two or three weeks ago
The 2 is the option I previously added
If you want to find back the old IMCDb style from before that big update, select the 5: it displays the transliterated if there is one, otherwise the original title.
The 6 looks more like what IMDb does by default, displaying the international title if there is one, otherwise the transliterated title, otherwise the original title.

Some statistics of the number of people who chose each option:
0 => 33
1 => 4
2 => 12
3 => 1
4 => 4
5 => 3
6 => 1
So most of those who changed the option finally switched back to the default now one :grin:
Only 3 switched back to the style of the old version (choice 5)

The most surprising is that RushCars24ID did not change to one of the options that displays the transliterated title, though that he was one of the few who actually requested to have additional options added and being able to see the transliterated titles :kiki: (as in the first release, there were only options 0 and 2).
Ah that explains why new entries had strangely the title duplicated values in these fields :grin:
I mostly changed/tested that via the "alternative title" screen, probably not enough via add/edit movie screen.
edit: fixed.
Something is not right. After proper filling all fields, "Transliterated title" automatically copies the entry from the field "International title" and - after losing entry from "Transliterated title" both have same title.
Fixed a small bug in alternative title display. I hope there won't be too many others :grin:
edit: fixed a second one. Maybe I did not make enough tests :whistle:

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