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Ford's CE14 code
Published 23/05/2015 @ 16:24:21, By antp
E-mail received:

I wanted to alert you to an error your contributors have made with references on IMCDB to 'CE14', the Ford code. One example is this:

This is an unreferenced fiction that was invented by a Wikipedia contributor. Ford only ever used the CE14 code to refer to the 1990 European Escort and its derivatives, and never for its US models. It's quite logical:

C = market segment (Ford Escort size)
E = Europe
14 = project number (sequential, based on when the projects commenced)

Wikipedia falsely claims that the 1980 US Ford Escort, Mercury Lynx, Ford EXP, Mercury LN7 and the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz were all CE14, but Ford was not even using its alphanumeric codes at the time these cars were being developed! It also wouldn't have been CE: the Escort, had the codes been used at the time, would have been CN (North America); and the Tempo and Topaz would have been CDN (CD market segment). CE14 is also not a platform code, as Wikipedia asserts; it is a development code applicable to a single model.
If you look around the 'net, the only references to these cars being 'CE14' are from users who have got the "fact" from Wikipedia. There is no period reference to any of the US models ever bearing this code. (Escort was Erika; Tempo and Topaz were both developed under the Topaz codename.)
I'm notifying IMCDB as it's one of the most authoritative forums around, one which I regularly enjoy, and I'm sure you don't want to propagate Wikipedia's mistake.
There are a couple of references where CE14 is correctly used:

where we've kept a close track of the codes; and:

Stephen Harper of SHADO actually worked on CE14 in the 1980s, and he should know. There are period references to CE14 being the European Escort, if you have some old car magazines handy.
I hope you'll consider this in the spirit in which it was intended: not as a criticism, but as something to be addressed for the IMCDB's accuracy.

So except if someone has counter-proof from another reliable source, I guess we should remove that code from the US Ford Escort and other related cars...
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