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Looking for factory information on my Zebra 1
Published 21/09/2018 @ 04:54:41, By t442163
[Image: zebra_1-c.jpg]
The Model Z Roadster that was driven by the character Caitlin Cross played by Yasmine Bleeth, as seen in the Nash Bridges TV series has not fared well over the years, it is currently in need of a major restoration.
[Image: img_1556-leftsideoncartsmall.jpg]
I especially would like to know the original color mixture for the blue used on her. Yes, I am the current owner of this one off wonder and would like to contact anyone who worked on her at Zebra [or Xebra] Motors, as well as Renaissance Cars.
I know it is a sore spot in his history but if Don Johnson himself would like to talk with me about her I would appreciate it, also.

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