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Norimono Tankentai (children's educational TV/video series from 1995-2005)
Published 20/11/2020 @ 08:37:31, By Jnglmpera
So I came across on YouTube an old children's video series that I remember watching when I was a little kid called Norimono Tankentai. This series covers all sorts of modes of transportation for kids to learn about, so naturally a number of episodes covers ground vehicles that I believe would fit in with IMCDB (some of them I don't think have only a few appearances on this website). Plus there's an episode dedicated to the Toyota Museum so that would be also of interest (alongside fellow TAM-focused Mayonaka no Super Car). Would this series be acceptable on IMCDB?
According to Wikipedia, the show supposedly also aired on Kids Station (a cable channel aimed for children) at some point along with its video/DVD release but I cannot verify this. Would this be classified as "Documentary" or "Non-fiction TV" if this is accepted on to IMCDB?

YouTube Playlist -
Wikipedia article -
DVDs and VHS being sold on Amazon Japan -

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