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Looking to ID a movie...
Published 31/08/2022 @ 01:59:12, By Mr Chipsticks
Hello all,

Since the early 2000s I've been looking to identify a movie I watched on TV way back then. But I have no details of it st all, I don't know its name, what it was about or even if the language was German ( I suspect it may have been)

Somewhere around 2000-ish whilst living in Belgium, I was messing about with a satellite dish receiver and happened upon a (a possibly German) TV channel that had this movie, I was very intrigued by it. I must have missed the first part at the very least. The movie may have been a made-for TV movie, it had a bit of "Alarm für Cobra 11" essence about it but it wasn't anything to do with that franchise as far as I know.

So I'll describe the scenes of the movie from what I remember (from the part I watched it until the end);

A young woman and man in a 2000-ish dark-coloured Mk2 Renault Clio meet a well-dressed man who has a black e34 BMW 525i at what looks to be a motorway services area. At this point I'm not sure what is said (I didn't understand the language) but the first man appears to be very scared and suddenly runs off into the undergrowth.

The woman gets into the Renault Clio and sets off. The man from the BMW gets in to his car and starts chasing the woman. BMW man has a laptop in his car and plays "Motörhead - Ace of Spades" quite loudly.

The movie focuses on the man chasing woman and terrorising her as she tried to get away. She tries to go to a (small) police station up in the hills but its closed, the man continues terrorising her in his BMW.

At one point during the mans terror campaign, he gets run off the road by a tractor and is knocked unconscious, but as he regains consciousness he drives his BMW up the embankment and as the car reaches the top, you see the face of BMW and the engine roars angrily (this was a pretty cool scene for a teenage me)

Later on, the woman in the Clio tries to run on foot from her car (with her small dog in tow) but she gets a flashback or dream of her being chased through a tunnel, this time the man is driving a 2000 Mercedes E-class, the woman is afraid for her small dog which is eventually (not seen but heard to be run over as it couldn't keep up as the woman tried to run to the end of the tunnel from the man as he chased her in this Mercedes E-class)

Then, the woman find refuge somwhere and changes her clothes to make her look very dangerous (I think a red leather suit?) she attends a wedding in a church and BMW man sits next to her and holds her hand.

Later on, the woman dumps her Renault Clio and steals a truck or large van, she has a showdown with the man, she in the larger vehicle and him in his BMW, they charge at each other but the man loses at the last moment and spins off the road into a lake.

She ventures a little into the lake to make sure the man is gone, but as she turns to emerge from there, the man emerges from lake and tries to grapple with her but ends up getting stabbed.

I really want to find this movie as I was very intrigued by it. If you can help, it would be much appreciated.

I have looked on the main IMCDB but I honestly cannot find the car or any detsils other than the scenes I saw.

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