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Chevrolet Express school bus appreciation post. :)
Published 03/11/2023 @ 07:00:36, By QueenMDX
So my university studies have kind of stressed me out lately so I decided to give a little personal story to let my emotions out. :smile:

I have a special soft-spot for the Chevrolet Express, particularly the 2003+ model. When I was a kid, the school bus I used to take to school had this as her model as a Blue Bird MicroBird school bus body. I used to call her "Miss Sunshine" because apparently the yellow color she had was brighter than all of the other school buses in the fleet. :grin: So, yeah, it explains the love I have for the 2003 model of the Chevrolet Express!

Here's two examples of how Miss Sunshine would look. :love: I'm sure the rights are reserved for this picture as I got it from a Canadian education website. :whistle: Thanks for letting me share my personal things to let me ease my stress, everyone!
File: Blue_bird_micro_birds.jpg ( 131.8 KB - 253 )
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