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The Ram's driver claimed he thought he had a green light, but he definitely ran the red; a couple seconds elapse between when our light turns green and the collision. He should have stopped where the solid white line is on Old Keene Mill Rd. here:

The FPS is a federal law enforcement division, their beat includes secure facilities where cameras might be frowned upon so I don't know if they have any of their own. Traffic accidents on county roads aren't their jurisdiction, but other FPS officers still showed up on scene before the county police did. :tongue:
night cub
Did the Ram run a red light? The Mazda and the police car should have seen him coming.

I guess since it involved a police cruiser, you statement may not be needed.
I haven't been on the forum in a while but I wanted to share another one that I caught on my dashcam a month ago. Light traffic because of quarantine, etc.; my job has been deemed important enough that I'm still commuting. I hung around to give a witness statement but so far no one has called to see the footage. Once again, the video speaks for itself:
now.. why exactly did i had the feeling the S5 was the major cause of it even before clicking on the link ? :whistle:
Two months ago, commuting to work on I-495, a major highway, and my dashcam paid off. Thankfully, traffic was relatively light because it was the day of George H. W. Bush's state funeral and most federal workers had been given the day off. I could describe it, but the video speaks for itself:

Audi S5 / Nissan Altima / Ford Explorer
I have my dashcam since two years and its always on during every drive. But the only accident i have seen so far was when i was walking around (already told that story).

Today there was a very funny situation on the parking lot of a shopping mall where i was parking. I was reversing into a parking space when i heard someone honking very hard. I turned my head to the left and saw a Mercedes A-Class reversing while a Peugeot 208 Convertible was standing directly behind it.

I was literally thinking "Don't crash please, you are out of my camera view!". Thank god the Mercedes stopped but there was nothing more left than a hair of space between both cars.

If they would have crashed and my camera was not filming it because it was facing the wrong direction i would have been so terribly mad at the Mercedes driver. :lol:

Here is the situation just seconds before it happened. In this screenshot the Mercedes driver is already almost hitting the Polo and the Peugeot came after the Polo.
[...] Antp, as you are sometimes in France: do you see people often in bus only lanes?

Except when driven by stupid or/and drunk persons, cars and other 4-wheeled vehicles stay out of the bus lanes, in France. The vast majority of people follows the traffic regulations, here, please don't extrapolate a generic behavior from the one of an imbecile :smile:

In fact, the real problem with bus lanes, for me, is that they are sometimes common to buses and (non-motorized) bikes, which can be a bit dangerous for cyclists. All the more as some bus drivers drive fast, due to their empty lane...
The few last times I was in France it was mostly on highways, not in the cities.
In Brussels people don't go too much in bus lanes, it seems. Buses do not hesitate to honk if they can't pass :grin:
Except for turning, when permitted (bus lanes delimited by discontinued dashes rather than a continuous line can be used when turning at the next intersection). There are even many people not even knowing that, it seems, as they stay outside the bus lane for turning instead of using it, which may be more dangerous in the end...
Today i witnessed a crazy accident in Rouen (France). A Renault Driver was driving in a bus only lane and additionally on the wrong side - complete douchbag! Soon a bus came along and honked the shit out of him. The Renault drove to the right side and the bus started to pass him. God delivered instant karma and the bus accidently ripped off the reaR fender of the Renault. I hope the stupid car driver gets at least the shaRe of the accident. Have no photo because my battery was empty. Antp, as you are sometimes in France: do you see people often in bus only lanes?
Sedan smashed in blade of moving tractor on about 30-40km/h. From my point of view it was so obvious they would crash but no one slowed down. Tractor's driver fault.
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