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This weekend I was in my '51 Ford behind some guy waiting for my turn to enter a roundabout. He drove in. I looked to the left and it was free for me to enter too. Just as I turn my head forward I see the guy in front of me have stopped in the middle of the roundabout, I was literary standing on the break pedal with lots of tire screech as a result. I think I was just a few CM from hitting the car in front of me.
This happened to me in my '64 PV 544 a few years ago too, I'd guess I must pay better attention...

Earlier last week I drove out from a smaller street where I live onto a bigger street with my 240. There was some teenager in a pimped V70 that didn't want to give me right of way but as I was already out a bit in the road he had to stop and started to shake his fist at me. I calmly stopped in front of him, started to roll down the window to ask him if he didn't know about the 'right hand rule' (you must give cars coming from your right right of way if you're not driving on a priority road). But he drove up on the sidewalk and drove off.
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