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I had two amazing dreams but too bad i forgot the second one because i think it was better. However the first one is still good. Its a dream caused by morphine (i was in hospital) and morphine dreams are always the best as i already experienced in 2012. Maybe i will explain that 2012 dream later but its a longer one.

As the dream happens my position never changes and i am "standing" on a big wide median in a city. Two cars had a rear ender and were standing on the road coming from the left that was going through the median and crossing with another street. One of these crashed cars was a grey Opel Corsa C. A german fire truck was standing by with lights on.

The police had closed the other major street and made a blockade. Their police car was parked sideways across the road. Then a red Opel Ascona was approaching and tried to drive around the police car but the police car drove forward and pinned the car against the curb but the Ascona managed to pass the blockade and drove away. My dream ended here but as you can see i remember it very well. That is the good thing about morphine dreams. You won't forget them.
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