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I have my dashcam since two years and its always on during every drive. But the only accident i have seen so far was when i was walking around (already told that story).

Today there was a very funny situation on the parking lot of a shopping mall where i was parking. I was reversing into a parking space when i heard someone honking very hard. I turned my head to the left and saw a Mercedes A-Class reversing while a Peugeot 208 Convertible was standing directly behind it.

I was literally thinking "Don't crash please, you are out of my camera view!". Thank god the Mercedes stopped but there was nothing more left than a hair of space between both cars.

If they would have crashed and my camera was not filming it because it was facing the wrong direction i would have been so terribly mad at the Mercedes driver. :lol:

Here is the situation just seconds before it happened. In this screenshot the Mercedes driver is already almost hitting the Polo and the Peugeot came after the Polo.
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