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Movie: Julia Misbehaves 1948
Car: 1935 or 36 MG NB Magnette 4 seat open tourer

Julia Misbehaves, made 1948, set in 1936 London and Paris.
Starring: Greer Carson, Walter Pidgeon, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford
Also starring: Cesar Romero, Nigel Bruce

The car that Walter Pidgeon drives when the four stars drive out for a picnic(with the bear) appears to be a 1935-36 MG NB Magnette 4 seat open tourer. The car is also seen briefly near the end when Walter Pidgeon and Greer Carson drive to a cabin looking for the eloping Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Lawford.

Sorry did not have the dvr running and haven't found an online clip of the car. The MG radiator emblem was very briefly visible as they piled in the car for the picnic trip. I believe the grille had vertical slats which would identify the car as a '35 or '36 MG NB Magnette.

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