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Here is an interesting article from my local paper: Car stolen 30 years ago pulled from west Cobb lake. No owner is found yet :pfff:

In Bavaria the was this bizarre case some years ago:

Family members were prisoned for some years after the had confessed at the police, that they have killed the father, cutted him in pieces and feeded the pigs with them.

But years later the dead body was found, sitting in the guy's Mercedes 230E, sunken in the River Donau.
He wasn't killed, he died by an accident. He was driving the Benz totally drunken into the river.

It was a justice scandal, because the Bavarian police and justice are known for sometimes strange way of doing their job.

And I remember annother story:
some years ago there was an article on my classic car magazine about a supersports car (maybe a Ferrari 365 B Cabriolet), found in the River Rhine - with a TÜV-sticker from 1972.
It was unknown, if it was a theft or an insurance fraud.
Afterwards I haven't read any more about thid incident, so it's unknown, if the mystery was solved.

When I tried to find pics from the recovery of ca. a dozen cars, stolen many years ago out off the River Main (IIRC I've posted the pics here a time ago), I've found thid actual video:

Well, not only thieves are throwing cars into rivers.
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