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Apparently, somebody went and added "Made in Canada for all first generation Dodge Intrepids. So now they need to be undone.

Absolute mayhem on the site with people changing huge batches of stuff one-by-one with wrong info. Using this thread saves time and also gives people the chance to tell people their latest bright idea is incorrect.

A few more batch changes needed because of this:

Someone has added C520 to all first and second generation Ford Kugas, this is apparantly only the code for the second generation. Can this be removed from all Kugas where MK = 1? Wikipedia suggests the correct code is C394, but I don't really have the time to fact check this info (and I'm not sure it's necessary having a code as this car was always called Kuga and we have MK numbers in place).

The CE14 code issue has appeared again:

Applied wrongly to a load of South American Mk3 and MK4 Escorts, it should only be used on the later generations from MK5, but as these cars are already sorted by a MK number and year, and the thousands of Euro models don't have this code yet, I think we're probably better off getting rid altogether?

There are similar problems with South American GM products, but I need to work out what exactly we need to sort out.

I think we need to sort out guidance for admins on model codes and using the Batch update thread instead after all of this too, there are a lot of problems that are going to mean work for antp to batch amend!
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