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At the moment, the Australian 1979-1984 Subaru [AM] wagons are listed as "L-Series" on the site. However, at the time, this name wasn't used at all in any advertising material nor on the vehicles themselves. It didn't really appear until 1985, and even then, it was only used on some printed material to refer to both the sedan and wagon, (sort of an umbrella term so to speak).

When introduced in Nov 1979, the name for the wagon was originally the "Town & Country" but this name didn't stick for long, being dropped sometime in 1980. The sedan was always called the Leone.

After 1980, it was just called the "4WD Station Wagon". However, from 1982 onwards, there were 2 trim levels offered - a base "4WD Station Wagon" and an upscale "4WD Touring Wagon". 4WD was always part of the name because a 2WD version was not offered.

I'm undecided on how they should be listed on this site. Part of me wants to just leave it as is, for simplicity sake. But using the "4WD Station Wagon" name would be more accurate. Thoughts?
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