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11+1 model name change.. ...1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B ...or Tipo B 'P3'

and same for these 11: on
Note: 2 of those have also Monoposto in the description I'd delete this as we'll have to start naming 10's of these period racecars monopostos!

IMCdB lists Alfa Romeos as Type B, Tipo B, P3 or P3 Tipo B when they are all the same car.
I've done quite a research and the sites that look most legitimate (i.e. not classifieds or Wiki..) document these were officially named just Tipo B from Alfa Works and Scuderia Ferrari teams. Especially 'P3 Tipo B' is misleading as there was no 'P3 Tipo A', just a P2!
I propose all these change to Tipo B or maybe Tipo B 'P3' at the most -because even now sometimes P3 persists but Tipo B should come first as the official model name. : how Alfa Works name them in period just Tipo B. : journalists christened them P3 (i.e. the new P2..) :old 1961 article about the use of Tipo B in period and how 'P3' came later in retrospect.
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