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[quote=Mystery Man,80218]Today our local car dealers met to present the current models. Most of them are already on the site and the all-new ones were besieged by people, so I couldn't take pictures. But of one car, the probably most interesting one today, I could take some pics: a 2022 Honda HR-V pre-production vehicle, directly from Japan (!)

I've actually seen a few of them (or rather the Vezel... as that's what they're sold as) on the road already, so they're bound to turn up in a J-drama or movie in the coming years (can't say the same for Anime though... Vezels in Anime are rare for some reason)

So does that mean Toyota doesn't own the Corsa name anymore ?

I don't know if the rights lapsed, but Toyota stopped selling the Corsa in around 2000 so that may be why.

Where a map shows Luxembourg as part of Germany.

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