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Mmhhh, there are masses of models missing, for example the failed Wankel-trials M35 and Birotor by Citro├źn

- or my Dodge Durango :sol:

As the dealer (and importer before) told me, in 2013 only 30 SXT with R/T engine and low spec trim (no GPS, no entertainment system, no badges, luggage boxes instead of a second back seat row) were made - as civil patrol cars for Argentina' border police.

But Argentina had annother national bankrupcy and couldn't pay them, so for 1 1/2 years these 30 Durango were standing in Chrysler's backyard, until this dealer bought them, shipped them to Europe, pimped them with features to pass the EU-registration and sold them.

It has not only
but also a certified cop tachometer and an extra red interior light.

P.S. the cop tachometer has a disadvantage: when you were flashed by a speeding camera, you can forget the hope "It wont be that bad, because you weren't that fast as the tachometer shows it"
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