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This one, [B400] should be the default, [B40] looks improper.

This one doesn't need a motor, 1.0 is redundant for 2013-2017. 2014 is already accurate, no change for the model year.

Model year is skipped for this one, please add 2013.

This one is a 1.3 G by smaller alloys.

This one is a Kijang Innova, because Thailand scene is fake, filmed in Indonesia.

It's a G Luxury for this one, because that front bumper looks like a factory aero one.

This one has a wrong year, yet also previously skipped, that's not the way to identify Indonesian license plates, 2013 by default.

This one has a wrong built tag, Indonesia don't build the Camry anymore after XV30, they were now sourced from Thailand, why skipping the built tag?

This one's not a Kijang, scene filmed in South Africa.

This one's also not a Kijang, scene filmed in Thailand.

This one's missed two more things, Origin: China and XR.

This one has the wrong model year, X-Gear is the part of the model name, Origin: China and Made for RI.

This one is another correction update, 1.0 is redundant, Philippines only gets one engine option.

This one has a redundant motor, the trim can have either 2.0 or 2.8 for Philippines, without a plate info and VIN, we can't determine that.

This one hasn't changed to 2008, ended up skipping, just why? Do we have an actual plate info to prove that?

This one's my mistake, it's a 2012.
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