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Your comments on the site are always too long and too complicated.
It is good to have explanation, but the new model name should not be lost in the middle of it.
Having the new name/info to enter on a separate line is much easier.
Renaming one of your vehicles takes as much time as renaming a list of 10 posted by someone else.

Sorry, wanna clarify everything even more in-depth. Apologize for hurting your reading time. :lol:
This one, year updated finally, but please remove Elegant from the extra info. Leave it simply as TX, as explained:

e.g. on after reading twice the text I wasn't even sure what I have to do (except removing the mk fiend) and what code to use, I had to read your post back on the forum to be sure.

I'm sure you've read that right, Wikipedia do list this properly. Also, extra info is TX by the wheels, you forgot that.

Same for where I'm not even sure if I should list it as 2010 or 2006.

It's a 2010 by that tad chrome garnish on the grille, only on the upper part, pre-facelift models were thin and wraps the upper part in a vertical "C" shape. Also, you forgot to remove 1.5 in the extra info for that entry.

Is this one also F700RE ? (currently listed as F700E)

Damn, did another admin just changed that? Yes, it's [F700RE], [F700E] don't exists.
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