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Other sites give more detail than . It showed my Kia Ceed correctly, but did not mention it's an estate, a Ceed 2 (trim level) and just said diesel instead of 1.6CRDi EcoDynamics

Another example from earlier tonight - X617 JDW . It shows as blue Mondeo petrol, other sites show 1.8 Verona 5 door, built in Belgium.

So there are better sites for our purposes. I don't use mycarcheck or cazana either, as their info is only basic. My usual first stop is , but they have gaps, some silly entries and some marked as "Unknown Unknown" entries. is superb for detail, but only allows you a few (5?) enquiries per day.

I'm not sure what to suggest as The Best Site, because they all have quirks. Some of the apparently good ones delete data fairly quickly if DVLA have cleared out the records, which seems to happen more often now. Maybe for an easy general site or , but both are quick deleters.
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