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Dutch person bought a Dodge Ram and now the city is blocked:

Yes, these ugly narrow pittoresque historic European cities are very annoying for us divers of oversized US tankers.

For that reason I avoid driving into towns with my Durango (the SUV brother of this RAM). Fortunately I live on the country side and when I have to go to my company in the town of Dortmund, I have an own large parking space on the ground.

Two weeks ago, when I made with my godchild a trip to Berlin, I had to solve the parking problem:
as it was 39 degrees Celsius, when we drove to Berlin, I looked for a parking garage there.
There existed no parking garages in the DDR, except two after 1990 new built parking garages, all actual ones stand in West-Berlin - and were built in the 6üies and 70ies, so with ugly narrow ramps and parking boxes.
The 60ies garage on the Kurfürstendamm near the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche was, as expected- very narrow, so I had to drive the ramps carefully centimeter by centimeter and also had to take two boxes - the lady in the MINI behind me became really mad :D, but I finally made it.

As since nearly two years I'm a member of the committee for building and traffic of our municipal council, I already made the proposition to enlarge the public parking lots for cars like mine (in my village there are one Durango, one Navigator and over a dozen of RAMs), but due national regulations this size cannot be changed individually.
Fortunately I'm not from the Grünen (the Green party) - Greens would go ballistic at such topics as asking for privileges for oversized American gas guzzlers :banzai:
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