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1] If you want to ... um ... convert all those Italian Convertibles to Convertibile, so be it. But how far does the task go beyond Flavias?? Other Lancias?? Alfas?? Fiats?? What happens for Flavias (and others) in other markets, particularly English-speaking, where Convertibile would be plain odd?? Would we need to have both in use, side by side, along with Cabriolet also sneaking in to give us 3-way splits?

2] The BMW 02 "Targa" was probably used to differentiate from the first 1600 cabrios which had no Targa-ish hoop, so there are 2 roofless styles on 02s. BMW were probably the only people not to call the 2002 Targa a Targa (trademark issues??) but everyone else does - try googling it. I don't think changing it improves anything.
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