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Feature in development: I'm switching to unicode for the whole site, allowing to use non-latin characters for titles and a good support of exotic accents for makes & models.
I'm still busy changing things, but it should arrive in the next days/week if all goes well.

For the movie titles I was planning to have two main title fields:
- Original title: we would enter the real original title, in its original alphabet
- International title: the title used internationally, as replacement of the original one when too complex (mostly for non-latin titles)
And then, like before, the list of alternative titles where we can enter the country-specific titles, alternative ones, the transliterations, etc.

The difference from before would be that as main title we would for example have "사랑의 불시착 " instead of "Sarang-ui Bulsichak", as these transliterated are not so useful for people not speaking the language (I think).

So I would always display the international title beside the original one, having the movie displayed as "사랑의 불시착 (Crash Landing on You)" instead of "Sarang-ui Bulsichak" as currently.
It adds a nice exotic touch to the site :grin: And easier for everyone to also have the international title displayed. The downside is that it makes longer titles.

What do you think?
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