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Jeep CJ-7 (1976-1986)
Published 14/09/2019 @ 20:43:09, By night cub
Changes to CJ-7 to help with ID:

1976: upright roll bar
low-back seats
narrow track tires (tires do not stick out of body sides)
rear sidemarkers on rear fender

1977: Golden Eagle trim introduced


1979: Slanted rollbar

1980: Highback seats
Golden Hawk trim for one year only
Laredo trim introduced
Last year for Golden Hawk

1981: Front 3-point seatbelts that are seen on roll bar
Rear sidemarker removed (new tailight design incorporates sidemarker)
Larger sidestep
New door handles

1982: Widetrack introduced
V-8 discontinued
Jamboree trim for one year (30th anniversary)
Limited trim introduced

1983: Last year for Limited

In addition, I reference this graphics site to ID trims by their graphics:
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