Subject: Car videos worth watching :)
26/08/2006 @ 17:11:38: wickey: Car videos worth watching :)
If you think you have some car video others will for sure like, please post the link here :smile:

I start with something (Antoine, this is for you :lol: ) (32,5 MB)
26/08/2006 @ 19:04:42: dwd4X4: Car videos worth watching :)
Good idea wickey :wink: .

A dancing Citroen.

1984 Ford Tempo TV commercial.

1985 Mercury Topaz commercial spoof

26/08/2006 @ 19:50:26: antp: Car videos worth watching :)
The Citro├źn one is a spoof of

Wickey >> I already had that one :wink:
26/08/2006 @ 23:19:49: dwd4X4: Car videos worth watching :)
Whats with Citroen's dancing cars?
27/08/2006 @ 00:21:18: antp: Car videos worth watching :)
They made an ad for the C4 with a transformers-like dancing robot, for the hi-tech aspect of the car, and some people made a spoof with an old 2CV.
27/08/2006 @ 00:46:07: qwerty_86: Car videos worth watching :)
Lol, that Topaz spoof reminds me of this classic gem from like 5 years ago:

"I drive an Aires. I like the cool stuff."
27/08/2006 @ 03:13:51: dwd4X4: Car videos worth watching :)
Thats awsome. I can only wonder what the insane people at would think of that.
28/08/2006 @ 06:36:26: qwerty_86: Car videos worth watching :)
They've probably already saw it a bazillion times. After all, people still post links to the Tweak3D Taurus at TCCA and it's gotta be around the same age as that Aires video.
28/08/2006 @ 15:54:25: dwd4X4: Car videos worth watching :)
Ya. But they're insane, and can't take insults to their cars.
10/01/2007 @ 01:27:46: wickey: Car videos worth watching :)
this is not exactly car video but very funny still :lol:
10/01/2007 @ 10:20:49: antp: Car videos worth watching :)
:lol: the father should offer to her a blue Pinto instead, then :oh:
10/01/2007 @ 19:31:18: wickey: Car videos worth watching :)
exactly - this was on volvoklub forum and I could not resist as it had a saab in it :smile: - how on Earth can someone be so spoiled??!!
10/01/2007 @ 19:58:52: antp: Car videos worth watching :)
I should propose her to exchange it with my blue 206 :oh:
10/01/2007 @ 21:08:46: dwd4X4: Car videos worth watching :)
lol, John the Ricer...
Me driving my Mom's beat up Chevy van.
11/01/2007 @ 03:25:57: Hecubus: Car videos worth watching :)
It's enough car to be posted, Top Gear's attempt at recording "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band, as played by car engines.
12/01/2007 @ 07:28:29: qwerty_86: Car videos worth watching :)
ROTFL! That spoiled rich girl video was hilarious!
12/01/2007 @ 20:43:17: Donington: Car videos worth watching :)
12/01/2007 @ 21:40:29: wickey: Car videos worth watching :) :smile:
12/01/2007 @ 22:20:52: crossroads: Car videos worth watching :) I can watch this for days and not get bored of it.
17/01/2007 @ 17:41:38: wickey: Car videos worth watching :)
worst driving. EVER. -___-
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