Subject: Lego in movies
11/11/2009 @ 13:56:20: antp: Lego in movies
This is not much related to IMCDB but I guess that it may interest at least some members here :smile:
As I did not find such list on internet, and that I already noted scenes involving Lego in few movies, I wanted to keep that somewhere, so I quickly made a new site:
If you think to other movies, do not hesitate to submit them.
Later I may add a comments system like what we have on IMCDB, but for the moment it is not very useful I think.
I also have to find a domain name idea...
11/11/2009 @ 14:57:49: atom: Lego in movies
Nice initiative! Lego has always been my favourite toy.

Here is some pictures from MythBusters s07e04 were they test if they could build a legoball simillar to this one:
11/11/2009 @ 15:33:45: antp: Lego in movies
Great! thanks, I forgot that episode
I'll add it to the site right now
12/11/2009 @ 00:08:31: dragonboy3000: Lego in movies
You'll have James May's Toy Stories coming up soon.
He (and the british public) made a house entirely out of lego. THe episode is supposed to appear sometime around christmas.
12/11/2009 @ 03:00:05: atom: Lego in movies
The sceen from the Olsen-Banden movie is reused in "Varning för Jönssonligan":

It's used to open a locked door from the inside.

I guess you could list it as Movie origin: Sweden, Filmed in Denmark?
12/11/2009 @ 05:52:37: marioman3138: Lego in movies
Great Idea! I to love LEGO. Do you mind if I put I link to this on MOCpages, another site I use? I will send all names of films back to here.

Another film that had LEGO was, can't rember the name, but a mum and her sun (pretty sure they were both African-American) were running away from the father, and the kid grabbbed his LEGO collection, which wwas in a suitcase. can't rember the films exact name

And apparently Toy Story 3 will feature LEGO...
12/11/2009 @ 08:40:41: sixcyl: Lego in movies
Fine idea Antoine! If I find any new film I won't forget to submit them
12/11/2009 @ 11:13:56: antp: Lego in movies
Atom > thanks, was the role the same in the original movie? And about country, it is not clear: IMDB only lists Sweden as filming location for that one, but the original movie is from Denmark, so you mean that particular scene was actually filmed in Denmark?

Marioman > Sure, you can spread that link. I know that there is already a more complete list on (but mostly without pictures, and they do not have some that I already have here), I'll list only those for which I have pictures for the moment (and so I'll try to get pictures from those not yet listed)
12/11/2009 @ 16:41:12: weasel1984: Lego in movies
In answer to:
But I see, atom was first! :wink: Yes, it is the same scene.
At the moment I do not remeber any more Lego scenes from "my" other films, but since now I'll remeber also about the pics of bricks. :wink:
12/11/2009 @ 17:22:28: antp: Lego in movies
21/11/2009 @ 02:52:24: marioman3138: Lego in movies
Found the film I sort of remebered-Big Momma's House
21/11/2009 @ 09:23:28: antp: Lego in movies
The first one? I'll check, thanks
Do you remember about at what time of the movie it was?
23/11/2009 @ 04:22:06: marioman3138: Lego in movies
It was seen at the start, as they were packing. And then when the house wass being searched-sorry, no idea on time-watched on bus on way to school camp.
23/11/2009 @ 10:17:31: antp: Lego in movies
Thanks, it will be enough to find it I guess :wink:
23/11/2009 @ 22:59:21: t0nkatracker: Lego in movies
A lego display in the movie Big with Tom Hanks:
23/11/2009 @ 23:39:52: marioman3138: Lego in movies
Try the film ELF. i think there is some LEGO in that.
24/11/2009 @ 10:55:40: antp: Lego in movies
Yes, indeed, he was building a whole scenery with Lego. I have the movie so I'll be able to make captures.

Tonkatracker > thanks :wink: I'll add these.
30/11/2009 @ 02:43:35: marioman3138: Lego in movies
Taken captures, and will send soon for an episode of 'Corner Gas'

Also, the fil Taj- This heavily feutures LEGO.
No pics for Taj as of yet
30/11/2009 @ 11:43:35: antp: Lego in movies
Thanks :smile:
This weekend I added pics of those mentioned previously.
01/12/2009 @ 03:25:24: t0nkatracker: Lego in movies
small boy playing with legos in the 2008 movie "How to be"