Subject: The eBay-Thread
03/03/2011 @ 21:10:54: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Sandie's comment from the "sleeves"-Thread fits surely better here :wink:

On a related tangent amongst today's e-mail funnies I was sent this E-Bay ad:

Read the advert thoroughly.
03/03/2011 @ 21:47:40: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Coincedently we had in our plate-collector-thread the same topic. About auction with misleading descriptions (for a while there wre auction, where an expensive mobile-phone is described, and at last it was written, that the auction is only for the box.

An always returning problem in our plate-collector-scene are faked plates (over 90% of offered plates from the Nazi-time are fakes for example). Actually there is an idiot, who offers selfmade "made for movie"-plates like
More impudent/problematical are the repros as also descibed as movie-prop-plates. The official registration-seals are destroyed (otherwise you'll get really trouble), but in our opinion it's not correct.
Absolute suspicous is, that the guy, who offeres this plate has recently bought one of these faked "made for movie-President's" plate.

But I will not say anything bad about this guy (a "lonsesome cowboy", who is not interested in other contacts to plate-freaks), because this evening he has bought my own scrap for a unbelieveable price :grin: ESOX:IT
and had pushed up the price for annother (rather worthless) plate: ESOX:IT

To come back to the topic above, from some plate-freaks I've heard the reproach, that my auctions were also presented misleadingly, as there are other plates to see, which are not meant. But I disagree, as I've told in the description, what a plate is included.
It was really not my intention to make money (and for sure not so much) with the stuff, it should have been just a hidden signal to other plate-freaks for the X-plate (hidden on the right). This is a real hyper-rare rarity (from NATO-commanded German Army-troops) and normally never to get anywhere. For sure I will never put it to eBay. Not only for the trouble, I could come in with that, also for the reason, that I'm not interested in money, I only want to swap it - but only for some very specific rarities. There are some collector's keen on my X, but until know noone can offer that, what I want to have: plates from the West German embassy in the DDR and/or from in the DDR accredited West German journalists. :wink:
15/04/2011 @ 17:29:03: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
2001 Ford Focus... Read the description

EDIT: The comments below are even funnier.
06/07/2011 @ 14:57:59: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
Another amusing eBay ad
24/01/2012 @ 21:47:38: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
Anyone after a prestigious, tasteful high-performance car...
30/03/2012 @ 21:22:41: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Sorry for the missing English description, but my wife said, this is not neccessary. 5.l2649
Anyways, feel free to place a bid. An IMCDb-member-discount is negotiable :wink:
08/04/2012 @ 12:21:42: ingo: The eBay-Thread
No, it wasn't a rallye- or desert-Offroader, my brother-in-law just has a faible for stickering his vehicles. In it first life it had a calm life at the environment-authority:
03/07/2012 @ 00:55:51: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
2011 Registered Peugeot 406 :eek:

Or if you want something a little bigger...
03/07/2012 @ 10:02:47: antp: The eBay-Thread
Seems a good price for a new car
16/07/2012 @ 08:32:55: 93_Montero: The eBay-Thread
19/07/2012 @ 21:38:21: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
Something for dsl: =366123560504

This is nice too: =366123955860
19/07/2012 @ 22:36:02: dsl: The eBay-Thread
Nice. About 200 Tiger 1 made and 400 Tiger 2, with about 50 total left - . We have one T2 - .
20/07/2012 @ 12:20:07: ingo: The eBay-Thread
It its price realistic?
22/07/2012 @ 20:53:25: dsl: The eBay-Thread
Um - this might upset a few people but ... 2BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%252BDDSIC%26otn%3D7%26pmod%3D120937635498%26po%3D%2- 6ps%3D63%26clkid%3D792771998764456116&_qi=RTM839988 .
28/07/2012 @ 21:08:24: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
This must be very rare here:
29/07/2012 @ 11:14:17: tibi: The eBay-Thread
Reminds me the Suzuki Swift Cabrio I saw approximately two months ago.
I was a bit surprised...
12/09/2012 @ 19:41:08: Sandie: The eBay-Thread
Not from E-Bay but 169KM Mercedes-Benz W124
12/09/2012 @ 20:23:36: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Absurd overpriced. Not trustworthy due the too many spelling errors. The own homepage is correct - maybe he had found someone, who can write.

If someone is seriously interested, let me know. It's not far from me.
15/09/2012 @ 21:59:37: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Can anyone identify the model year of this Citroen Traction Avant?

The pics were shot around 1955 in Karl-Marx-Stadt/DDR.
16/09/2012 @ 12:56:56: ingo: The eBay-Thread
Does anyone knows "The voice of Paraguay"?

Sorry, it's not complete (an early 70ies record-cover).

The eBay-seller has used it for covering important literature - a Dutch porno magazine :grin:

My Dutch friend Pim had swapped it last Sunday with a Norwegian instruction manual. He had two of this issue. But unfortunately not of his Intourist-brochure :sad: