Subject: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
07/11/2016 @ 09:48:56: night cub: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
One of the great mysteries of the site is ID'ing Crown Victorias. I tried to compile information on yearly changes for the 1998-2011 models. There is one website which does a good job.

I've tried to compile the visual changes to help, but hope that add information that is missing. I skipped the 1992-97 models since they are easier to tell apart.

Body Codes:

P70 – LWB Sedan (2002+)
P71 – Police Interceptor
P72 – S/Commercial/Fleet/Taxi Sedan
P73 – Base Crown Victoria
P74 – Crown Victoria LX/LX Sport
P75 – Crown Victoria Toruing (1992 only)

Changes by year:

1998: Exterior features – Chrome slotted grille
- Chrome bumper strips
- Chrome door handles
- Body-colored mirrors
- Black B-pillar
- Chrome trunk trim
- red/amber taillights
- Chrome taillight trim
- body-colored back panel
- “Crown Victoria” badge on left rear panel
- 16” concave steel wheels with round holes
- single exhaust (High performance package adds dual)
Interior features – flat rounded headrests (since 1995)
- half-moon steering wheel, round side top, flat bottom

P71 differences – Body-colored B-pillars
- Black mirrors
- Black back panel
- dual exhaust

P72 differences – Body-colored B-pillars
- Black mirrors
- Black back panel

1999: P71 changes – black, glossy, slotted grille
- black bumper strips
- black door handles
- body-colored B-pillar
-“Police Interceptor” badges on left rear panel
- retains chrome trunk and taillight trim
- Street appearance package offered (adds chrome slotted grille and trunk trim, body-colored back panel)

P72 – black, glossy, slotted grille
- black bumper strips
- black door handles
- retains chrome trunk and taillight trim

P73/P74 – no changes?

2000: P71 changes – black, flat, slotted grille
- all-red taillights
- black trunk trim
- black taillight trim
P72 – black, flat, slotted grille
- retains chrome trunk and taillight trim
P73/P74 – no changes?

2001: P71 changes – black, honeycomb grille
- no bumper trim
P72 – black, honeycomb grille
- no bumper trim
P73/P74 – Sports Appearance Package added ( body-colored slotted grille and body trim, dual exhaust)

2002: P71 changes – ?
P70 – New LWB model added based on P72 – Added 6” to wheelbase for extra rear seat room, has longer doors
P72 - ?
P73/P74 – LX Sport replaces Sports Appearance Package

2003: - New body frame, suspension and braking system require wheels to be spread out, so all models get new wheels that are pushed out from frame and appear flatter.
- New wheel covers needed to fit new style wheels.
- New interior door panels also added
- New high headrests
- New wiper arms
- 3-point seatbelts added for middle rear seat

P71 changes – 17” wheels
P70/72 - ?
P73/74 – ?

2004: Half-year change – Revised steel wheels with larger rectangular slots
P71 changes –
P70/72 - ?
P73 – No bumper strips
P73/P74 – Black mirrors
- Body-colored B-pillars (mid-2003 change)
- All red taillights
- Sunroof available

2005: - New steering wheel; square top, round bottom
- whip antenna added to right rear fender (only year to have this feature)

P71 – ?
P70/P72 – Black taillight and trunk trim
P73/P74 – ?

2006: - Back to no external antenna
- New steel wheels with round holes on flatter wheel
- new wheel covers
- New instrument panel

P71 –
P70/72 –
P73/P74 –

2007: P74 – no chrome bumper strips

2008: - Fleet sales only
- LX Sport model discontinued

2009: - New body side moldings
- Flex-Fuel badge

2010: Base Crown Vic P73 discontinued
- New body codes P70 = P7A
P71 = P7B
P72 = P7C
P74 = P7E

2011: New bulkier headrests

Wheel designs:


2003-early 2004:

Late 2004-2005:


Steering wheels:



Rear Child Seat Anchors:

If you see anything that can be added, please comment.
07/11/2016 @ 17:11:14: Sandie: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
P75 – Crown Victoria Toruing (1992 only)

Which (perversely for a Crown Victoria) seems like a rare and interesting to spot car:

Wonder if there are any out there in a movie?
07/11/2016 @ 17:21:10: Baube: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
very nice.... somehow ironic that the pics are all marked GM-Classics... :grin:

Crown Vic is a mystery for me too, that list of changes is sure gonna be helpful ( unlike the Grand Marquis, the only change i was aware for that devious ticket giving machine :wink: was the amber turn signal that went out for 2000 )
24/11/2016 @ 06:49:16: Baube: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
pics for the side moldings
older ones ( 2008 and under )
20/02/2017 @ 22:13:44: NellsCaaahs: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Hi all

New to the forum, looking around trying to figure out how it all works.

May I add my Crown Vic website for more ID help? I confess that due to everyone and their sister-in-law now having a web presence, it isn't as current as it once was, but there are still plenty of photos and things to help with IDs.

(Remember also that the Mercury Grand Marquis ended in 2010, not 2011)
21/02/2017 @ 01:46:47: night cub: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Absolutely, thanks for adding the links. I started this thread to help us ID Crown Vics on the site, especially since our expert Ford guy is less active. You have a couple tidbits I was unaware of, so it helps.
21/02/2017 @ 03:03:22: NellsCaaahs: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Oh good! :smile: :smile: :smile:
21/02/2017 @ 05:56:04: rtsbusman1997: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
I didn't know about this thread until i needed to look back at some old comments :tongue:

A little question

1992 model Crown Vics had [P72] as the fleet destination (Taxi and Police cars had this chassis code, taxi's ID'd by Commercial Taxi Package and police cars just [P72] (I thought they were always named Police Interceptor?)

Should the 1992s be separated back or no?
21/02/2017 @ 06:01:07: rtsbusman1997: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Also, starting in 2000, Crown Vics had latches inside the trunk for trunk release (although im not sure if it applied to all cars)
21/02/2017 @ 18:41:35: NellsCaaahs: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
rtsbusman1997 - I may have to ask my boyfriend about the 1992 details, as he is 10 years older than me and used to buy/sell used cruisers. P71 has, since I started paying attention, been a police package vehicle. Seeing as 1992 was so early for the new body style, maybe using P72 was a carry-over from the boxbody years.
21/02/2017 @ 23:19:20: rtsbusman1997: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
P72 was the general code until the 1993 model year, that I do know. The question is if the names were any different (that was the logic behind the 1992s not getting chassis codes on the site, that since they were all P72 it wouldn't make a difference if they had [P72] or not)
03/05/2020 @ 16:22:28: dhill_cb7: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
The 2003 B-pillars were black and transitioned to body colored. Pulled plenty of VINs to confirm. It was a mid-year shift. Here are just two examples of the many I pulled. - 2003 black. - 2003 body colored.

Both are LX. Base [P73] also had this change.
04/05/2020 @ 03:21:43: rtsbusman1997: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
yeah it was a mid year change (summer of 03 I think)

little side note (if you didn’t see it): 1999+ Commercial Taxi Package models didn’t have chrome door handles by default, they had black ones standard (it would have to have been a special order)
04/05/2020 @ 23:57:02: dhill_cb7: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
@rtsbusman1997 also, 2000 brough rear child anchors on the decklid. Obviously it helps with models where the tail lamps are swapped.

This change occurred on Mercury Grand Marquis as well.

@night cub can you update your main post to reflect these verified findings. We now have to determine if the change was on all [P7]s. We know it was on [P74/73].
05/05/2020 @ 00:46:27: night cub: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
I made a graphic and added it, but I would not say decklid, as that sounds like the child seat is being anchored to the trunk on the outside of the car. Parcel Shelf would be the location.
05/05/2020 @ 02:47:52: Baube: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
some parents tired of " are we there yet ? " could agree with the location... :lol:
14/12/2021 @ 20:18:47: dhill_cb7: 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
@night cub can you update 2004 MY for the base [P73] model?

New information indicates the base model lost the chrome on the bumpers & chrome surround on the door handles for MY 2004.

2002 [P73]:

2003 [P73]:

2004 [P73]:

2005 [P73]:

I did not see any [P73] after MY 2005.