Subject: Site/Ad Issues
19/09/2017 @ 08:47:57: rtsbusman1997: Site/Ad Issues
Has anybody else been having issues with ad compatibility with the site on Firefox browsers? If I happen to block ads, i don't have any issues but if I run ads the page doesn't load visually and the existing page locks up but the plain URL is shown if you right click on the back button at the top left of the window. For now I have to block ads but I was just wondering if anybody else has had this issue on any other browser?
19/09/2017 @ 10:01:19: antp: Site/Ad Issues
There is a thread about these ad problems:
the difficulty for tracking them is that usually it is just one ad that is concerned, and ads depend on the country amongst other criteria

see for details on how to track info to include for reporting the ad so I can send that to the ad publishing company) + the address of the imcdb page on which you had the problem

if the page "locks" maybe you won't be able to get the required info though :ohwell:
in worse case, if you can't get the info and still have the problem, block ads for a few days, until other ads come instead of the problematic one
19/09/2017 @ 22:57:45: rtsbusman1997: Site/Ad Issues
thanks for the help :smile:
01/12/2017 @ 17:37:36: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Recently on my iPad I'm grtting re-directs. Just happened now when going to the All Comments page. This is the only site it us happening on. Doesn't happen on my laptop just the iPad.
01/12/2017 @ 18:49:34: antp: Site/Ad Issues
:ohwell: And in such case I guess there is no way to see the code of the culprit ad, since it replaces the active page?
01/12/2017 @ 20:12:32: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Yep, that and I'm not that adept at Safari. It only happens on wide ad pages. Sends me to a "you are a winner of an iPhone X" page.
02/12/2017 @ 12:19:58: antp: Site/Ad Issues
In such case, if you check the history, do you see some redirection page between IMCDb and the final "winner..." page ?
I could then try to report at least that (or in worse case, the final page)

Until now it was just Sovrn for registered users, and Sovrn+PubGalaxy for unregistered users.
For testing, I've switched the provider for registered users, using just PubGalaxy, see if that prevents problems (and in case any occur, they are maybe easier to report there).
17/12/2017 @ 22:01:19: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
I've identified the redirect page as being a "serving-sys" page.

Trying to find a way to remove it from my iPad.
21/12/2017 @ 23:22:24: antp: Site/Ad Issues
But between the two I changed the ad provider, so these should not be the same ads :figti:
22/12/2017 @ 17:30:02: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
As of two days ago, I was still getting re-directs. Today I am not (keeping fingers crossed). I'll let you info w.
26/12/2017 @ 20:58:09: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Ooops, spoke too soon. Getting re-directs again, only on this website. And since I have a iPad 4th Generation, none of the ad blockers will work with it. Arrggghh!
29/12/2017 @ 10:40:39: antp: Site/Ad Issues
It would be interesting to know if other people get that or if you are alone (in the later case, could it be something that "infected" Safari or the ipad?)
If you can find in the browser history the full redirecting URLs (i.e. the one between IMCDb and the final site, as well as the final site) I could try to report it.
02/04/2018 @ 09:09:21: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
You changed ads again, didn't you? Getting video ads and re-directs again.
02/04/2018 @ 10:54:38: antp: Site/Ad Issues
It is the same provider but two weeks ago we switched to a different method for ad requests.

Do anyone else have problems like that? It is weird that you seem to be the only one affected :ohwell:
02/04/2018 @ 13:44:59: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
I'm getting video ad just below the ad block area once a while. Fortunately, I can close that with the x circle on the upper right.
02/04/2018 @ 20:01:31: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I reported the redirect problem, they will investigate.
About the video as, you mean videos that expand outside the normal ad area? I had such ad once too.
03/04/2018 @ 13:47:09: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
Yes, that is the one.
11/04/2018 @ 09:22:37: antp: Site/Ad Issues
The ad company says that the redirect issue was fixed. Did you get other ones?
11/04/2018 @ 13:35:07: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
I haven't seen that problem lately :smile:
11/04/2018 @ 17:21:17: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Thanks antp, it hasn't happened since (hope I'm not jinxing myself)
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