Subject: Site/Ad Issues
12/04/2018 @ 07:33:13: Reg1992: Site/Ad Issues
The only problem I have with the site is the deleted comment glitch...I hope there is a way to fix that.
12/04/2018 @ 17:27:03: antp: Site/Ad Issues
:confused: what glitch? That's not a bug, that's a feature: if a user deletes a comment other than the last one of the page, an empty entry stays.
Otherwise sometimes people seem to talk alone or a reply can be mis-interpreted because it does not apply any more to the same post as intended.

If the deleted comment was really useless and does not cause problem for the rest of the page, admins can delete them for good (I do that sometimes when noticing deleted comments).
13/04/2018 @ 13:23:47: Exiv96: Site/Ad Issues
I reported the redirect problem, they will investigate.
About the video as, you mean videos that expand outside the normal ad area? I had such ad once too.

I had those earlier in the month, nearly all the time. They expanded automatically and moved the rest of the page downwards.
08/05/2018 @ 21:02:43: Gag Halfrunt: Site/Ad Issues
I just had an ad on the new comments page redirect me to m6ugXB8fiM_XFccqO5XLhDwe0zh-tF4buRo4CejvIwjmY4XvJTPrhfuH7GrqkUC4l73zNjWpxmcuBfpP9GQEdkxCt9km45O16aXQrCp7lPN- 3q_bs6rXBAY74oJWqAcmLLV1Q4oA--qLLPBQ4X8JonnLvv2ypEAFIlruRkCEm0g3WC9e0LoFTzm5rQ&partner_id=1367&placement=1367-b3766a67&payout={payout}&subid=6553286384726050773

I don't know what the offending ad was because I had scrolled down the page.
08/05/2018 @ 21:34:43: antp: Site/Ad Issues
Thanks, I'll report that
09/05/2018 @ 08:47:06: antp: Site/Ad Issues
On which kind of device did you encounter the problem ? Ipad/tablet, phone, computer ?
13/05/2018 @ 19:48:51: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Did you switch ad providers again? Ads are gumming up the site for me. Videos ads are slowing everything down, especially if I try to open multiple pages (which I do for validating)

I'm going to amend this, it could be my end. My habit is to view with the ancient IE, when I use Chrome, it is not slow. I need to get into the habit of using Chrome for the site (I still prefer IE Bookmarks over Chrome or Firefox)
13/05/2018 @ 22:03:05: chicomarx: Site/Ad Issues
Does the revenue come from views or clicks alone?
I disable Adblock for this site so it displays the ads, but if you actually have to click on them I guess that's pointless.
14/05/2018 @ 11:39:09: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I didn't do any change in the ads lately

Revenue is per view
30/05/2018 @ 23:58:13: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
Been redirected twice today on my iPad to site
31/05/2018 @ 08:05:10: antp: Site/Ad Issues
I've reported it; it is strange that these seem to happen only on ipad :confused:
31/05/2018 @ 17:34:57: antp: Site/Ad Issues
They say they could reproduce the problem and thus blocked the culprit.
Lets hope it was the only provider of such bad ads.
31/05/2018 @ 19:27:27: night cub: Site/Ad Issues
That's good to know. I wasn't sure if I remembered the address correctly.
21/06/2018 @ 20:53:44: Sandie: Site/Ad Issues
Site seems to be wobbling a bit tonight:
Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory in /var/www/imcdb/config_connection.php on line 11 Database connection error
21/06/2018 @ 20:59:43: antp: Site/Ad Issues
Probably when I rebooted the server due to a connectivity problem in ipv6, but the problem is still there (though that I guess it does not affect visitors it seems, since nobody complained since the 30h that the problem is there)
24/07/2018 @ 13:19:31: Gag Halfrunt: Site/Ad Issues
The browser hijack ads have come back in the last few days. I had one a few minutes ago.
24/07/2018 @ 14:04:41: antp: Site/Ad Issues
:ohwell: if you can provide some more info I can report it
(time, your browser, pc or tablet, source page, target site, ip address if different from the one you use here on the forum, ...)
24/07/2018 @ 15:16:00: Gag Halfrunt: Site/Ad Issues
The source page is

Tbe target sites today (from the browser history) are: 3344&rank=0&ad=eyJ0aXRsZSI6IiIsInVybCI6IiJ9 C%2CA2Fq9iEqtGU3BP9GH0dEdHP3xP.a04%2CJfhuQnKMb9ZrtgmRbqeo4u3aUzinw95OFeO8qw4xdIc- I7pcKyp5ikmzVldTyhwL2N8Dz1_L6x4tM-0fopbTNkykBODGbXB9g1hGISSg31pPM9TjzzQ_bshavMSMd4uNq_vx9NI0DvQYYCaqCD9h6NNvJr-s3MdCS0ZMbBmiMsJnBmBqs4g89Gad8LX7k7zY8HEjcXVZ67Bjb3LHVxy5C1rTOdByfbzxPi-TEn1jHQewcTC_9Dv7Un5uXMnOlGiSYKiQ8Od4XrS0dsJ4LPWS2-IYfwQbOgj03FdWjC8H4gJeoon6dPPk2tPLBwgi9AEyVaj-CvnbWVSFsdbge1HilBAJMRT0A09nRHzWLDnvjbl1OA_RuHH-rmoF_nxaXCtYQ

Browser is Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 7 Home Premium.
24/07/2018 @ 15:48:47: antp: Site/Ad Issues
26/09/2018 @ 18:26:52: rjluna2: Site/Ad Issues
I'm getting download request on bottom of the screen :confused:
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