Subject: SAAB alerts
23/03/2019 @ 23:49:38: dsl: SAAB alerts
Just in case it's worth having a thread where alerts can be posted for SAAB spottings??

- new ITV detective series "The Bay" - the lead character (DS Lisa Armstrong) drives a grey 9-3 estate - several sightings in ep1 (the only one of 6 broadcast so far). Looks like a Broadchurch-style series - deaths in small community with strong local scenic backcloth - but I won't be following it. Ep1 had a few other vehicles, but I didn't notice anything unexpected.
29/03/2019 @ 02:56:41: chicomarx: SAAB alerts
What a good idea. I'll add a capture... All good tv detectives drive Saab.
24/02/2021 @ 23:30:54: dsl: SAAB alerts
Another - "The Drowning" - Channel 5 mini-series, Feb 2021, 4 episodes. The mother drives a red 900i 2-door with fake plate E909 KUC. It's been spotted on a Saab forum with pictures and puzzling real identity solved as apparently a "C900i 16v 2dr, red. Converted to flat front", G913 XJM.

We've identified this vehicle using the details you provided
SAAB 900 I 16V 1989
Registration number: G913 XJM
Body type: 2 Door Saloon
Colour: Red
Date of first registration: September 1989.

Unleash the hounds ...
25/02/2021 @ 03:34:57: chicomarx: SAAB alerts
Done :smile:
26/02/2021 @ 20:15:32: Sandie: SAAB alerts
SAAB Hearse in Emmerdale tonight and possibly in other episodes, PN03AAX, someone might add it soon.
27/02/2021 @ 01:22:22: chicomarx: SAAB alerts
Great tip, thank you.