Subject: Movie About Stealing Cars
13/04/2019 @ 23:16:17: Rytis123: Movie About Stealing Cars
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for this movie i saw few years back, but i saw only little part of it and i reaaally want to watch it.

Movie was about stealing cars (as topic states) main role i think was played by Latin looking guy and then i remember two scenes from movie:

They had to steal some kind of special car from museum, i remember it as blue second generation Chevrolet Impala, and i remember it had name, i remember googling that name and i found that car it was some famous customised low rider i think. And they stole it by breaking in that museum at night and taking it apart

Second scene was that he tried to steal a SUV from some gang of guys he had beef with, i remember he splashed some alcohol on his neck had few sips and pretended to be wasted to try to steal that SUV with those guys beaning around him and he took the car by making some kind of the deal with those guys ?

I hope anyone know its because it's driving me mad

Thanks guys