Subject: Fast Layne (2019, Mini-Series) [No Pics]
25/04/2019 @ 18:21:05: Ddey65: Fast Layne (2019, Mini-Series) [No Pics]
Fast Layne was an eight-part 2019 Disney Channel mini-series about a 12-year-old girl (Sophie Pollono) who inherits a sophisticated custom-built experimental talking car developed as a partial defense/partial rescue vehicle. The official name for it is "Vehicle Integrated Neurotech," a.k.a. "VIN."

The car used in the movie (voiced by Nate Torrance) is obviously custom-built and is no less than four stars, but I'm convinced it might've been built out of a Hyundai Kona. Any evidence to the contrary?

There are also other cars, trucks buses, and motorcycles in this movie, and at least one helicopter in the last episode. Most notably a black Dodge Durango driven by the "bad guys," played by Diana Bang and Michael Adamthwaite.

So, knowing my recent troubles with uploading pictures, I offer anyone else the chance to do so.