Subject: Mazda RX-7 FB/SA22C?
29/10/2020 @ 04:17:49: marioman3138: Mazda RX-7 FB/SA22C?
So these are named as both, and we need to make a call on which way we do it.

The series 1 (produced from 1978–1980) is commonly referred to as the "SA22C" from the first alphanumerics of the vehicle identification number.

1981–1985 RX-7 retained the 'SA22C' VIN prefix. In the UK (and Australia, among others), the 1978–1980 series 1 cars carried the SA code on the VIN but all later cars (1981–1983 series 2 and 1984–1985 series 3) carried the FB code and these first generation RX-7s are known as the "FB" only in Northern America.

So what do we think? Have all series 1 as SA22C and 2/3 as FB? or have all as one or the other? or just change the North American 2/3 to be all FB (they may already be that) and ensure that all series 1 are SA22C, and non-NA cars are also SA22C?

I do kinda like these cars
02/11/2020 @ 04:07:49: Exiv96: Mazda RX-7 FB/SA22C?
Interesting. I didn't know about this. The japanese Wikipedia article agrees, and says (when translated) "In the North American model, the model name of the VIN code was newly adopted, so the name of FB3S came to be used."