Subject: Greetings everybody!
07/06/2021 @ 18:53:10: J.E: Greetings everybody!
Hello, everybody, how you all doing? Nice to be here.

Question: How do you search for an specific model on the website?I tried everything and I failed.

For example: I wanna see all the movies that feature a BMW 540i G30. How do I search that?

Thanks in advance.
07/06/2021 @ 19:53:10: JB007: Greetings everybody! 2&make=bmw&modelMatch=1&model=540i&modelInclModel=on&mk=&origin=&madein=&madefor=- &role=

In "Search".
Year: 2017 (for G30)
Make: BMW
Model: 540i
07/06/2021 @ 19:59:48: J.E: Greetings everybody!
That's the problem, I fill 540i G30 in the model blank and it doesn't work for me. I also type G30 in the "Mk" section and doesn't work either.
07/06/2021 @ 20:17:42: JB007: Greetings everybody!
"540i" is Model.
"G30" is chassis-code not model.
Mk, it's only number 1,2,3,4,5,6...
07/06/2021 @ 23:31:11: J.E: Greetings everybody!
Right and how do I search 540i G30?
08/06/2021 @ 01:12:50: Baube: Greetings everybody!
another way could be using the years , just enter BMW 540i and the G30's years it should be giving you the results ( i've seen 4 of them so far but some might be hidden under a more globally BMW 5 identification )
08/06/2021 @ 19:41:20: antp: Greetings everybody!
You can also search for BMW G30 and when they are sorted by name you can find the 540i rather easily.
But indeed it is lacking an option to search on the two fields with separate values.