Subject: Site maintenance
21/09/2021 @ 09:50:38: antp: Site maintenance
This morning I updated the operating system of the server on which IMCDb is running.
I still have to do a few updates, which I'll probably do in the next weeks, but I prefer to do these one at a time, so I can find and fix errors due to new versions of the various software.

For example I had to fix something in the code that was displaying the smilies, I think that now it works as before... or almost: the case of two consecutive smilies is not yet solved, it requires two spaces between each smiley.

If you notice errors or unusual behavior, please report them here.
29/09/2021 @ 07:42:10: antp: Site maintenance
New update this morning, as before if you notice something, please report it.
30/09/2021 @ 17:29:40: mok: Site maintenance
Am I the only one?? :confused:
The “Your connection is not private” error message keep appearing......
30/09/2021 @ 20:54:39: JohnnyK: Site maintenance
Well, I also got it, but this only occurs on my laptop.
01/10/2021 @ 06:49:52: antp: Site maintenance
What kind of device are you using?
On 1st October a root certificate was expiring on devices from 2017 and before, so if they were not updated they can't connect to sites that use Letsencrypt for HTTPS (like imcdb and millions of others).
For example Windows XP and MacOSX 10.12 or older are concerned.
If you can't update your system, you can try using Firefox (a not too-old version) which uses its own set of root certificates.
If you also have that on the main imcdb site, there you can still use the non-https version (as it is not automatically redirected).
01/10/2021 @ 12:16:28: JohnnyK: Site maintenance
I’m using an older MacBook from before 2017, and I think I have OS X El Capitan on it.
02/10/2021 @ 16:41:31: antp: Site maintenance
Indeed, El Captain is 10.11, so you can either update to at least High Sierra (10.13) or use Firefox in case you were using Safari or Chrome.