Subject: Is Ivan From Cars 2 Really A Chevy Truck?
04/11/2021 @ 22:17:09: Tarmos: Is Ivan From Cars 2 Really A Chevy Truck?
Watching Cars 2 multiple times, I wonder whether or not Ivan is really a Chevy truck (the same model as Mater), since the name "Ivan" is of Soviet/Russian origin, so I think that Ivan may not really be a Chevy truck, but a ZiL-130 or GAZ-53 tow truck. These trucks were relatively similar to American models, so I think that he could be based on these models. Another point to support my theory is that the original prototypes of the ZiL-130 that were built in the 1950s were based on the Chevrolet Task Force (the same model that Mater was based on). So I think that the staff of IMCDb needs to research this, a little bit more, and change the model of Ivan if I'm proven right.

Images of ZiL-130 tow trucks: f2d66b1fa8921e1f1a782bec8bc.webp

A ZiL-130 pickup truck that I found: