Subject: Shots from a show on Roku
15/03/2022 @ 19:28:32: TommyAV: Shots from a show on Roku
Hi, I found a show that I really like that hasn't been on air for years and it has recently been added on Roku. The show's IMCDb's page is missing A LOT of vehicles and the seasons are not on DVD, Blu-Ray or any form of home video. So, I'm willing to add the missing vehicles, but I'm having trouble trying to capture screenshots of the missing vehicles. I tried print screening while playing the show on Roku on my computer and screen shoting the show on Roku on my phone. Both situations ending up having my attempted shots going blank. I also tried Googling how I can do it and I still didn't have much luck. So, if anybody knows how to capture shots of the show on Roku, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.
16/03/2022 @ 03:08:40: night cub: Shots from a show on Roku
Sounds like Roku uses some sort of Digital Rights protection that prevents grabbing screenshots straight out. You might need to learn how to record your computer screen, then go back to take screenshots. I use VLC to do this.
17/03/2022 @ 03:13:57: TommyAV: Shots from a show on Roku
Thank you for getting back to me. So, I just tried several computer screen recorders like Brandicam, ScreenRec and even PowerPoint and unfortunately none of them worked. Strangely, all of them only recorded the audio of the show while the screens were blank. I also tried taking pictures with these recorders (with their picture option) and the shots are still blank. Any other possible options?
27/04/2022 @ 07:32:19: hachirokutrueno: Shots from a show on Roku
What web browser are you using?

I've heard similar problems with Netflix and Disney+, but people have said to use Mozilla Firefox to take screenshots or screen record.

If you have an actual Roku player, you can use a capture card to record.