Subject: Music Videos
30/04/2022 @ 03:32:50: bd64kcmo: Music Videos
Seen some interesting cars on Music videos, like Simply Red's Moving Picture Book, Kool And The Gang, Akon, etc. Would be great to ID some of the vehicles, some of which may be partially obscured, or photographed in subdued light. Experts here could point them out.

Some Examples:
-Akon "I wanna Make Love Nanana" (1961 or 1962 MGA 1600 MkII Well lit, easily identified):

-Kool and the Gang "Joanna" (mid 1930s Cadillac, Buick Roadmaster, or Lasalle (not sure), and a 1980s Mercedes)

-Simply Red "You've Got It" (hard to tell...1960s Pontiac Bonneville or Chrysler Newport convertible, and another Chrysler, possibly a postwar 1940s model)

Might consider a database, separate or combined, established to satiate one's curiosity on historic vehicles.
30/04/2022 @ 04:43:27: night cub: Music Videos
Kool & the Gang is listed on the site: