Subject: Russia vs USSR
11/05/2022 @ 20:51:00: Baube: Russia vs USSR
I don't plan to change anything but i'd like to understand a little something . Some cars that has a russian origin look really similar ( at least from a visual point of view ) to some having a Soviet one . Is there really a reason other than USSR having split up ?

I mean, if i start a car company tomorrow and that , lets say 2 years later , Qu├ębec splits from Canada , my design/car origin would still be canadian until the next generation ( not counting facelifts as they are mostly the same cars with some cosmetic surgeries ) . At least , its the way i see it .

Of course , i barely know those vehicles so there might be something that i'm missing that could explain the whole thing but i'm really curious
12/05/2022 @ 00:02:23: dhill_cb7: Russia vs USSR
Wondered this myself too.
12/05/2022 @ 17:14:37: antp: Russia vs USSR
We use Russia for models made after 1991.
Indeed the models from before 1991 produced after that could keep their soviet origin, but that choice was made long time ago and seemed the easiest back then :wink:
12/05/2022 @ 18:43:11: Baube: Russia vs USSR
I did not saw this under that point of view, thanks for the explanation :smile:
12/05/2022 @ 19:04:07: Gamer: Russia vs USSR
Unless of course we find a VIN decoder for Soviet models that tells us when the car was built, and if it for instance tells us a ZAZ 968 was built August 30, 1991, then the origin would be Ukraine.
13/05/2022 @ 06:45:37: antp: Russia vs USSR
Indeed we have post-1991 vehicles with other countries than Russia (Latvia, Belarus, etc.)