Subject: How to [do something] on the site??
04/08/2022 @ 15:24:59: dsl: How to [do something] on the site??
Just wondering if a forum heading might be useful for bundling up the "How do I do [whatever]"-type questions within the site.

Example: there's a bit of chatter going on about our mountain of Unidentifieds, so I thought I might pull down all the unknowns entered as Superminis to check for/pick off all the Austin/Morris etc Minis.

But can't find a way of extracting the Supermini category from within the Unidentified page. Maybe there's a workround by using the Search page, entering unknown as search term, and ticking Supermini box - which results in a couple of pages of stuff. Is this the best route, or are there others?? And does it give a full list of what I'm looking for??
04/08/2022 @ 16:09:18: atom: How to [do something] on the site??
I do that everyday for the Volvos:

Search -> Volvo -> Show all -> Sort by date added (new ones first).

For your example I would probably leave the search boxes empty and just click the supermini box and then sort by date. If it's something you want to do regularly it won't be to much work to scroll through the other entries. If you want to go through them all it will be to much with 600+ pages.
04/08/2022 @ 16:16:04: dsl: How to [do something] on the site??
Thanks. I was looking for a route - if it exists as a practical selection - to check them all, not just the recent ones, without being drowned.
07/08/2022 @ 04:56:37: chicomarx: How to [do something] on the site??
I think you have all the Unidentified in the Supermini category in those 2 pages, usually that category isn't selected before identification.
Unknowns with an ADO chassis, only one:
Unknowns with suspected UK origin: 11 pages! 2&make=unknown&modelMatch=1&model=&modelInclModel=on&modelInclChassis=on&mk=&origin=- UK&madein=&madefor=&role=
07/08/2022 @ 05:15:32: dsl: How to [do something] on the site??
Thanks. I did clear a load of Minis from those 2 pages, so if your 2 pages matched mine, I've done my little task. And that ADO16.

But the 11 pages of UK origin - might need to call up the cavalry ...