Subject: Oddities in the SWAT series (2017).
07/09/2022 @ 20:54:58: JB007: Oddities in the SWAT series (2017).
In the "SWAT" series, there are several strange things, including this one.

Currently, working on season 5, I came across a Lancia Voyager, but this vehicle is not supposed to be sold in the USA.
08/09/2022 @ 08:37:55: antp: Oddities in the SWAT series (2017).
Maybe we should name more properly that "made for movie" vehicle as Baube suggested a while ago?

About the Lancia, it is strange indeed.
Either this was filmed in Europe and they dressed the scene as a US location.
Or it is just a model from the production line that stayed in North America (as they were build in Canada) for some reason (test model, end of production, etc.) and ended up used there because it could not be sold anyway?
Or it is a Dodge/Chrysler that was just rebadged by its previous owner (like many did rebadge their Dodge Sprinter as Mercedes).
08/09/2022 @ 10:43:55: opal: Oddities in the SWAT series (2017).
It's most likely a pre-production or (rare case) brought by custom buyer. Sometime you can buy like this for a price or likely they didn't have enough supply and give the Lancia instead.

But I think I can say for sure it's a pre-production one for testing. note that it has no side-marker (NA need to have sidermarker on every vehicle, even some JDM import NEED to have sidemarker to put on) and all the parts seem to be correct, the mirrors, grill, and bumper trim already kinda lose it chrome. So it must have been park/unused very long time. So yeah, it's really a pre-production Lancia Voyager and maybe sold as a movie rental.
09/09/2022 @ 23:31:29: JB007: Oddities in the SWAT series (2017).
Thank you for your feedback, after I think more about a product placement of the FCA group, big sponsor of the series since The Chrysler 300 which appears in several episodes (as car of bad guys) is a SRT but is no longer sold in this version in the USA since 2015.