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Flying cars
Published 22/09/2012 @ 08:08:16, By 93_Montero
Does anyone think there's going to be a network of invisible highways in the air in every major country in the world? Highways that are ten levels high into the sky?

I just think this seems very dangerous and difficult to control if there was an accident. Just think, one flying car on the top level highway falls and crashes into every invisible highway underneath and then right onto a hospital or school during recess. At least on the ground we have slow lanes around schools to prevent high speed accidents.

I realize the flying cars would be autopilot and take you the entire way but still how would they all merge onto a highway from all over the place? Think about all the city roads that make turns all the time and smaller roads leading to suburbs or the country.

Would they really allow the general public to have flying cars if they couldn't also fly them?

I think the best we can do is autopilot cars on the ground to prevent human error.

I mean planes are high up in the air where they can't hit anything and there are much less compared to the entire general public having them all in close quarters. Then consider the impact of weather conditions on low flying cars. I know they have windshield wipers that turn on by themselves but this is flying cars ten levels high into the air all close to each other and possibly over large crowds of people.

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