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Rover 2000/2200 [P6] and 3500 [P6B]
Published 04/06/2019 @ 13:11:23, By dsl
Have been steadily cleaning up the various ways these have been entered to give a consistent listing by filling field gaps etc. I haven't changed the system/rules from what's been used before, but to recap:

(a) all 2000 and 2200 are [P6], all 3500 saloons are [P6B] (until replaced in 1976 by the very different [SD1] hatchback)
(b) Mk1 applies to all [P6] and [P6B] before the September 1970 facelift which brought new black grille, different bonnet, extra black trim, etc. Everything with the facelift is Mk2.
(c) plain 2000 launched Oct 63 and was the only model until Oct 66 addition of 2000 TC (twin carb). This meant plain 2000 was renamed 2000 SC (single carb) in Jan 67 although never included on badging, and this SC/TC split was used right through until end of P6 production in 1976, including Sept 73 upgrade to 2200. So no suffix 1963-66, and then everything 1967+ should have either SC or TC if possible.
(d) no 2000s after Sept 73 - they were all 2200, except for an Italian tax-break special which stayed at 2000 and was TC only (we have a couple).
(e) possibly new info - Sept 73 2200 for LHD markets was 2200 TC only - there were no LHD 2200 SC, only RHD for UK and some RHD export markets. However 2200 was never much of an export model, so we're unlikely to get many.
(f) 3500 S (as model name) had 2 separate uses. (i) 1969-71 Mk1 "Federal" for US and Canada - boyracer trim on normal 3500 Automatic. Not very successful, 2043 made, final batches was quietly sold off in Europe mainly in Belgium and to US servicemen stationed there. There were no US/CDN exports of 3500 in Mk2 form, although apparently a brief effort to sell 2000 TC Mk2 there in 1971 only.(ii) Sept 71 new version as the first manual 3500, a year after the Mk2 facelift arrived. Sold alongside normal 3500 in UK and whichever export markets still received [P6B]s.
(g) all US/CDN exports of 2000 and 3500 were "Federal" spec, and we enter this in additional info.
(h) UK Police [P6B]s can be very messy, particularly some blue or white London Met cars, with some genuine ones as 3500 and 3500 S, but a lot of mongrels, sometimes mixing Mk1 and Mk2 features. There's also a lot of registration witchcraft - some combinations recurring with different suffix letters. So we can only do the best we can with these.
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