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Eizo no Seiki/The 20th Century on Film (Japanese documentary series)
Published 18/08/2021 @ 18:46:15, By Jnglmpera
This month, NHK re-ran the Eizo no Seiki (映像の世紀) series in the late-night hours. While I was not able to get it on my DVR, I did find the Digital Remastered version streaming on NHK On-Demand so I was wondering if this series (both the original 11 episode run as well as its 21st century follow-up and spinoffs, each I think would get its own page if allowed) is suitable for IMCDB.

To explain what this show is about, this show is a documentary series coproduced by NHK and ABC(*) chronicling modern history through archive footage and historical accounts of various historic events, both the good and the bad, starting from 1895 when film was invented up until the modern era. The series received highly positive reactions during its run time and is still regarded as one of NHK's finest documentary series. The original English title was "The 20th Century on Film", but the newer version seems to use "The Century in Moving Images" instead.

Now, I understand documentaries are done on a "case-by-case" situation. That being said, series with similar premises (America in Color and The World At War just to name a couple) so I would imagine that this series should be on IMCDB as well... If any of you have thoughts please comment to me. Thank you in advance,

(*) - While ABC is credited with having worked on the original run... I cannot find any literature from the American side for this show...

- Japanese Wikipedia article for the original series
- Japanese Wikipedia article on the 2015 follow up series
-Japanese Wikipedia article on the 2015+ spinoff/follow-up
- NHK's page for the original 1995 documentary
-NHK's page in English for the 2015 follow-up
- IMDB page for Eizo no Seiki... broadcast year corresponds to the 2015+ spinoff instead of the original show :confused:
- IMDB page for Eizo no Seiki's 2015 follow-up

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